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Less Common Metals celebrates 30 years in business

Over the last 30 years, Less Common Metals has regularly hit the headlines with its expertise in the rare earth industry. Today, LCM is the only company in the western world commercially producing the highly specialised strip cast alloys needed for production of the highest performance neodymium iron boron magnets. Furthermore, LCM’s expertise in commercial production of neodymium metal and neodymium praseodymium alloy is unique in the western world.

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Local MP praises SME manufacturing company essential to the UK Green Revolution

Local MP for Ellesmere Port, Justin Madders, was welcomed to Less Common Metals for a second occasion to discuss UK Green Targets and potential challenges from a Midstream company in the Mining and Metals industry.

As LCM approaches 30 years in the Mining and Metals business, it was a brilliant opportunity to meet with Mr. Madders and update him about LCMs' position in the supply chain for crucial permanent magnets.

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