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This week Jonathan Price, Process Support Technician at LCM, is giving us an insight into process support and development of new alloys

Melting alloys new and old at LCM can present some interesting challenges; the immediate perception of people new to our process is “how hard can it be!”

The perception being to throw it all in a pot and heat until molten, and there is some truth to this, with perhaps a touch of logic.

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The history of rare earth processing in the North West of England

Ian Higgins, Managing Director of Less Common Metals Ltd, takes us back in time to life before LCM.

When, in the late 1950s, the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority’s Harwell laboratory was developing ways to process monazite, a brown phosphate mineral, few could have predicted that research would lead to the establishment of a long standing and highly successful rare earth processing industry in the North West of England.

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