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PhD student supervises his first industrial scale metal production at LCM for hydrogen storage

PhD student, Alex McGrath, said he had a ‘fantastic’ experience at LCM when he was invited into the factory to put his PhD research into practice and to oversee the production of a composition that he is researching at Nottingham University for hydrogen storage.

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A green value chain, ‘cleaner technologies’, and how we ensure responsible sourcing at LCM

What comes to mind when you read the term ‘cleaner technologies?’

Do you think of the end product or service, and how it has been engineered to have little negative effect on the environment? 

There may be improvements to the energy efficiency, the impact on the ecosystem, or the sustainable use of the resources used.

‘Clean technologies’ are very important as they provide relief to natural resources, for example, wind turbines to generate electricity through wind power.

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