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Terminology for industry

If you are new to the magnet industry, then you are probably keen to understand the most common terms. We have collated some phrases in alphabetical order that are used in day-to-day discussions at LCM.


Two or more metals with characteristic properties.


A process when a material is heated and cooled to improve its performance.

Anode & Cathode

A piece of metal that is used for electrolysis or electrowinning.

Bonded Magnets

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The Less Common Metals lowdown; sourcing, samarium cobalt and neodymium magnets

What do you know about LCM?

A world leader in the manufacture and supply of complex alloy systems and metals, and specialists in those based on rare earth elements, LCM is based in the North-West of England and supplies to various industries all over the world.

Ian Higgins, Managing Director of Less Common Metals highlights the company structure. 

Neodymium magnets

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