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Neodymium Metal Making

Since 2017, LCM has been making Neodymium Metal on-site commercially, with the process operated to high Environmental, Health and Safety standards.

With this advantage, LCM continues to develop the capability to expand the range of products, increase monitoring and automation time, and further improve environmental management. 

We understand you may have some questions about this, so we have collated some frequently asked questions to save you time.

What personal protective equipment (PPE) is used?

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Less Common Metals: FAQs

We understand you may have some questions about rare earth elements, the situation for rare earth in other countries and what LCM is doing differently.

What is the situation in China for rare earth elements (REE)?

Chinese policies regarding the export of REE have been modified several times throughout the years. It is worthwhile noting, though, that there has never been a problem with the availability of raw materials for LCM, provided we are willing to pay the asking price!

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