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Cast Products

Our production processes are focussed around the vacuum induction melting of alloys and we can produce individual melts from just 5kg up to 600kg. The form of these materials varies from cast alloy ingots, cast shapes through to powders and rapidly cooled flake generated by strip casting. All of these materials include rare earth and non-rare earth elements.


Strip cast flake is produced by pouring molten alloy onto a rotating water-cooled copper drum to produce a rapidly cooled product with a specific microstructure. LCM has two 600kg strip cast furnaces which can deliver multi-tonne quantities and most of this production is of the NdFeB alloy family.


All of our products are produced to order and meet tight customer specifications with respect to composition, low levels of impurities, microstructure, physical form and excellent batch to batch reproducibility. You can therefore rely on LCM to deliver materials that meet your specifications when you need them.


Click through any element on the right, to see what cast products we can manufacture. If you are interested in any particular product please fill in our enquiry form here.