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  • Material information:

  • Cobalt is primarily used in lithium-ion batteries, and in the manufacture of magnetic, wear-resistant and high-strength alloys. The compounds cobalt silicate and cobalt (II) aluminate (CoAl2O4, cobalt blue) give a distinctive deep blue colour to glass, ceramics, inks, paints and varnishes
  • Composition: Cobalt - Briquettes / Cathode / Powder
  • Common Metallic Impurities: Trace metals basis
  • Physical Description: Either, broken cathode, cut cathode, briquettes or powder. Minimum thickness 1mm. Maximum piece size 25mm x 25mm x 10mm
  • Packaging: Packed in sealed polythene bags and supplied in securely sealed metal drums, resistant to the impregnation of water
  • Analytics: ICP-OES
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA): Available upon request